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Business software can make many things easier and help you complete tasks more efficiently. For this to happen, it is essential that the people who work with the software not only know its possibilities in theory, but also put them to use in their everyday work. Therefore, staff training is always part of successful software implementation. But this training is only the first step: additional questions often come up during the everyday use of new software tools. The details of the application may be forgotten or only partially remembered. Many processes may still need to be mastered. If your employees have to search solutions to their problems in extensive documentation, online or via a help desk, they may find it very time consuming. This has a negative effect not only on efficiency, but also on personal motivation, especially in the important introductory phase.

In cc|scout, COSMO CONSULT offers a tool that provides your employees with exactly the help that they need via mouse click from within all your solutions. Whether in the form of a short step-by-step guide, an audio or video simulation, a detailed process description or a simple image sequence - all answers are only two clicks away. It is as easy to create these help guides as it is to access them: The system includes a powerful process and screen capture engine that allows you to use Microsoft Word screenshots and flow simulations.

Download factsheet cc|scout
Download factsheet cc|scout

Benefits of cc|scout

  • Help when you need it in a few clicks
  • Can be used for virtually any Windows or web-based application
  • Context-sensitive help in a variety of formats (HTML, Audio/Video, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Simple authoring and editing of help guides with Microsoft Word including a process and screen capture add-in
  • Reduction of the time needed to create help documentation by up to 90%
  • Reduction of training costs and help desk burden by up to 50%
  • Capture and long-term retention of expertise
  • Reducing the number of requests to the internal or external help desk
  • Reduced on-site or online training expenses
  • Instant access to new or updated help materials
  • Automatic translation of documentation into 19 languages
  • Built in tools for administration, quality control, and organization of all content
  • Easy importing of already existing help documents
  • Optional COSMO CONSULT support ranging from the creation of specific help content to the complete charge of documentation creation, including hosting

Advisor: Instant help in any desired format

The best help is the kind that corresponds to an individual's learning needs. Some users learn better with written instructions, others when they go through a process step by step, and still others by watching and listening to a simulation. The optimal help program offers a variety of these alternatives in a context-sensitive way from within the application at just the moment when needed. The cc|scout platform has all the tools to meet precisely these requirements: The system provides the associated help information and instructions in all standard documentation formats - Word documents, HTML spreadsheets, PDF files and video demos - and registers where the respective user is working in which application in order to be able to access exactly the help documents desired.

Publisher: Systematic help

With cc|scout, you can not only create your help content in a simple manner and make it easily accessible, but you also get the right tools to manage that content according to your individual preferences. The system lets you manage your help documents efficiently, cooperatively and sustainably, and it gives you support in all important workflow aspects such as review, feedback, approval, monitoring and reporting. You'll also have the ability to import content from documentation that already exists or your employees are familiar with, administer it via cc|scout's content management capabilities, and make it available in a context-sensitive way just like all other help documents.

Author: Demonstrate it - record it - done!

Software documentation is an often underestimated aspect of introducing new software systems or updates. Vendor-supplied standard documents are usually comprehensive and detailed, but for that very reason also often difficult to use and cannot take each individual company's staff situations into account. With cc|scout you can use intuitive tools to create a software help guides tailored to the specific work tasks that can be accessed with the click of a mouse when needed. With the Microsoft Word add-in, your application experts can record all interactions with web-based or Windows applications via the process or screen capture method from within the familiar Office environment and then add the additional information relevant for the presentation of your individual workflows. The system automatically provides the necessary context awareness: All content created is directly connected to the corresponding application items as optional help documents.

Services: More than just software

cc|scout lets your application experts share their know-how with their colleagues in a way that is simple and easy to understand. In addition to this COSMO CONSULT offers optional services that support your in using cc|scout and help you create your application documentation in accordance with specific requirements and deploy them across the enterprise:

  • cc|scout Enablement Service - Our consultants implement cc|scout in your company and instruct your content-producing staff in how to use the solution.
  • cc|scout Content Creation Service - COSMO CONSULT experts help you create your individual electronic performance support content.
  • cc|scout EPS Management Service - Company-wide implementation of an electronic performance support tool across the various software applications and tasks requires clearly defined processes, planning and coordination for creation, administration, quality management and rollout. Get support from our experienced project managers to get this done.
  • cc|scout Publisher Hosting Services - Reduce the load on your IT staff and have your application documentation and help content hosted on a managed COSMO CONSULT Microsoft Azure host with guaranteed availability and performance.

Overview cc|scout

Ask our experts

COSMO CONSULT has many years of experience in the implementation, deployment and support of enterprise solutions. What we offer is based on clear procedures, detailed knowledge of business processes in many different industries and excellent product know-how. Just get in touch with us. We look forward to talking to you about how your company in particular can benefit from the unique opportunities that cc|scout offers.

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