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The pharma industry in transition supported by Business Intelligence based on Qlik

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing the most profound structural changes in its history. Worldwide drug patents are continually expiring, and over the next few years this figure will amount to hundreds of billions. For pharmaceutical companies this implies considerable partial revenue losses, which must be compensated by new drugs or generics in alternative application areas.

Drug manufacturers must re-align their corporate strategy in order to maintain their market position and be able to expand, even within the changing environment. Both corporate and external market data is required to generate the information needed for quick, uncomplicated evaluation. Intelligent software solutions allow this distributed data to be exchanged, also on a large scale and for it to be used as the basis for corporate strategy decisions.

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COSMO CONSULT offers solutions for brand and generic drug manufacturers as well as for contract manufacturing

To enable brand and generic manufacturers to perform the tactical placement of their products methodically and effectively, COSMO CONSULT offers solutions for analysing sales, market research and data etc. QlikView provides you with evaluation of internal key figures and external data in one solution. It is intuitive, can be applied to any business level and delivers quick results in seconds so that customised decisions about changes can be made and applied directly.

Contract manufacturers are currently being offered opportunities to optimise processes in the storage, delivery and production areas. COSMO CONSULT offers you expert support with the analysis and evaluation of all the data maintained in your systems. Improving the flow of goods and reducing the cost of production in accordance with the applicable regulations are just two of the many possibilities this opens up.

We can use our expertise and solutions to support you in the following corporate areas:

Marketing and Sales

Strategic product placement in the pharmaceutical market requires highly efficient sales management and modern marketing techniques. The associative approach from QlikView offers various options for reaching timely decisions based on an integrated and valid data base. Our users benefit from the following:

  • Greater transparency of market data
  • Accelerated analysis and comparison of data from CRM, ERP and third-party databases
  • Reduced operating costs due to process optimisation of sales management
  • Targeted juxtaposition of customer behaviour and marketing and sales campaigns
  • Direct analysis of interdependent business processes
  • Individualised display and real-time analysis of sales and marketing campaigns such as call centre evaluations

Research and Development

The production of a new drug requires years of research and development. Many factors play a role in this. How quickly can the initial research results be obtained? What hurdles could influence the market launch? Use predictive forecasting models to ensure the long-term competitive advantage of your investments:

  • Compare pharmacological discoveries against marketing and sales data
  • Faster data exchange for complex studies involving several employees
  • Evaluation of measurement and research data, such as patient data, according to different factors and weightings such as age, disease progression, multi morbidity, etc.
  • Potential representation of new active substances in the forecasting model
  • Integrated consideration of approval processes and regulations

Supply Chain

Supply and distribution channels can vary considerably by region, product type, local regulatory approvals, business relationships, different national conditions and other factors. The variances have a direct impact on costs and your competitiveness. With QlikView, you can control:

  • Analysis of the flow of goods, such as batch tracking and batch traceability, with proof of origin and supplier traceability
  • Reduced storage costs, taking into account various factors such as changing purchasing conditions, MHD, packaging units, storage capacity, etc.
  • Optimised collaboration and exchange of information with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Uncover potential by linking different information using intuitive analysis and simulation scenarios


If they want to reduce their production costs, pharmaceutical manufacturers must continue to ensure the impeccable quality of their products. An evaluation of the quality management system in order to comply with the GMP guidelines opens up further process optimisation options:

  • Refine and expand the statistical quality objectives (Six Sigma)
  • Granular evaluation of individual indicators such as production, throughput and downtime, as well as quantitative evaluations over time
  • Working with dashboards and reports that are tailored to the areas of responsibility and ensure complete documentation (batch traceability), among other things
  • Comparison of production data with data from other areas, such as purchasing, sales or R&D
  • Improved data quality for the regulatory authorities
  • Evaluation of laboratory data, either from the integrated ERP data or directly from the separate LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System)

Legal requirements

More and more new laws and regulations have led to the emergence of heterogeneous system landscapes, particularly in pharmaceutical companies. Implementing a uniform regulation architecture will generate numerous benefits for your company:

  • Reduced risks and costs of compliance with FDA rules
  • Rationalisation of processes in the context of product approval
  • Optimisation of documentation processes by simple merging of decentralised information
  • Comprehensive view and analyses of the entire company data base (even when analysing bulk data)

Financial accounting

Always having the current figures in view is fundamentally important for meeting the challenge of competition. With our QlikView solution, pharmaceutical companies can access an up to date overview of their figures by clicking on a mouse:

  • Increased transparency of figures due to the integration of various factors, such as differences in prices and profits resulting from differentiated national frameworks in different countries
  • Consolidated financial reporting, tracking of the current and future development of sales targets
  • Overview of the income statement from management level down to cost centre level
  • Predictive forecasting models, including for new agreements with health insurance companies in the following year
  • Transparency of cost centre and cost unit accounting

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