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COSMO CONSULT establishes a new SharePoint unit in Berlin

from Gero Brinkbäumer

With the establishment of the Berlin SharePoint unit, the companies from the region using the product now have direct access to company representatives concerning all their questions regarding Microsoft SharePoint technology.

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Global Challenge: (Once around) the world is not enough!

from Gero Brinkbaeumer

After one month, the COSMO CONSULT employees have already covered a total distance that corresponds to twice the earth's circumference. If they keep this pace up, the teams will have gone around the world six times by the end of the challenge!

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The Internet of Things (IoT) combines software, machines, tools and parts into a highly efficient, maximally flexible overall system. Sensors, web pages and the systems of customers permanently supply information

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Why having a mobile strategy is important

from Björn Lorenz

Because in the future everything will be networked, investment decisions should be well thought-out. Without a mobile strategy, this is hardly possible. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, mobility is only of secondary importance.

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COSMO CONSULT in Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle once again

from Björn Lorenz

The COSMO CONSULT group will be part of the Inner Circle of Microsoft Dynamics partners in 2017. The Inner Circle represent the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide.

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SMEs go digital: Getting good advice is half the battle

from Björn Lorenz

Strategic thinking, a holistic view of the value chain, and technical know-how on topics such as business solutions, sensor technology, big data, the cloud, business intelligence and mobile solutions are just some of the many skills required for comprehensive digital consulting.

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