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11 Apr 2017
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The future has already begun – at COSMO CONSULT

from Volker Vorburg

What can an IT service provider do to give its customers the best possible support in all of this?

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06 Apr 2017

The ScoreFact label provides very meaningful decision-making support for ERP buyers choosing their service provider because it reflects not only the purely technical competence, but qualifies cooperative interactions and partnerships.

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05 Apr 2017
Blog / News, Press relation

COSMO CONSULT is now also present in Peru

from Björn Lorenz

One goal of Cosmo Consult Perú SAC is to support Peruvian companies with advanced Microsoft technology.

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COSMO CONSULT have again received the seal of approval "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CfMD).

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23 Mar 2017
Blog / News, Event, Press relation

COSMO CONSULT takes the industrial value chain digital

from Björn Lorenz

Hannover Messe 2017 - motto „Integrated Industry – Creating Value“. Digital Factory in Hall 7 / C 40

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20 Mar 2017

"Modern IT technologies such as big data, the cloud, mobile solutions, and artificial intelligence are increasingly shaping not only our private lives, but also the industrial environment"

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