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In many companies, enterprise software is the only analysis tool in use. In a networked, digital world, this is no longer enough. If nothing else because of the amount of data: Relevant information no longer comes just from a company’s own systems. The information comes from customers, suppliers, sensors, machines and social media channels. All this data must be stored, analyzed, filtered and processed. If there is a perfect place for such a data hub, then the cloud is where it is. The cloud does not care where the connected systems are physically operated and who is accessing from where. If the volume of data increases performance and capacity by can be expanded with one click of the mouse and you can use intelligent analysis tools with the aid of adaptive algorithms, artificial intelligence selects, analyses and interprets comprehensive data sets.

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The cloud technology not only enables to improve already established processes. It gives us the necessary freedom to rethink tasks and problems, simplifies workflows and collaborations in teams and with business partners. Because cloud technologies are scalable, flexible and easy to use, we can free our creativity.

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Cloud services alleviate interface problems when going digital

from Björn Lorenz

In the course of digitalization the cloud serves as an integration platform to involve suppliers, inform customers and automatically commission package services.

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COSMO CONSULT establishes a new SharePoint unit in Berlin

from Gero Brinkbäumer

With the establishment of the Berlin SharePoint unit, the companies from the region using the product now have direct access to company representatives concerning all their questions regarding Microsoft SharePoint technology.

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Global Challenge: (Once around) the world is not enough!

from Gero Brinkbaeumer

After one month, the COSMO CONSULT employees have already covered a total distance that corresponds to twice the earth's circumference. If they keep this pace up, the teams will have gone around the world six times by the end of the challenge!

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The Internet of Things (IoT) combines software, machines, tools and parts into a highly efficient, maximally flexible overall system. Sensors, web pages and the systems of customers permanently supply information

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