Webinar: Discrete Manufacture in the Digital Age

Transparency in costing

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Simultaneous costing has always been an issue in machinery and plant construction.

At the VDMA (German federation of the engineering industries,) task forces in which companies exchange ideas on costing have become a permanent feature. How has this issue been around for so long, and why does it keep coming back on the agenda? Many of the current systems can only perform costing for standard products.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how it can be done differently.

Topics of the webinar

Here are the topics we’ll be covering

  • Harmonizing data sources
  • Costing consistency across all departments
  • Target/actual comparisons from Sales to Service
  • Timely detection of deviations

This webinar is part of a web-series about "Discrete manufacture - keeping on top of it all".

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Michael Hering

Industry Manager
Discrete Manufacturing

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