Webinar Series: In the fast lane to the digital working world

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The Webinar Series: Invest in the New Normal! consists of 2 webinars

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During the COVID 19 crisis, many companies made a 180° organizational turn: Where just a short time ago floor radio was the order of the day, teams now exchange information via chat and video conferencing. The collaboration solutions required for this were - if not already available - quickly implemented. This can work in an emergency, but not in the long term. Anyone who wants to react better to crises in the future and at the same time benefit from efficiency gains and cost savings should provide professional support for digital change. Important points here include

  • Enable employees to make the best use of the new tools
  • Enable managers to efficiently manage virtual teams
  • Align entire teams to work in a goal-oriented manner or
  • to promote teamwork with agile methods.

Sounds ambitious? Just sign up for our two webinars Why it's not enough just to install Microsoft Teams and How to lead your teams innovatively and digitally in the age of New Work. We'll show you how to align teamwork and company organization perfectly to the digital working world in five simple steps. Both webinars are independent of each other, but complement each other in terms of content.

Why it is not enough to simply install Microsoft Teams

Date: 01 October 2020 at 15.00 pm


  • Set up Microsoft teams for different purposes such as project groups, departments or ad hoc working groups
  • Tricks for administration and daily work
  • Making work easier with rules and templates
  • Train employees quickly and efficiently

How to lead your teams innovatively and digitally in the age of New Work

Date: 22 October 2020 at 15.00 pm


  • Establish and promote agile working methods and cross-team collaboration
  • Define, pursue and achieve corporate goals
  • Leading and efficiently controlling virtual teams
  • Creating transparency and involving people with agile methods

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