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COSMO CONSULT to expand international expertise in digital transformation by hiring 300 talented new employees

Björn Lorenz03/11/2022

The COSMO CONSULT Group, specialists in digital transformation, will continue to expand its international expertise in the first half of the current year by hiring at least 300 talented new employees. The company is doing so in response to the strong market demand for services and consulting in the field of digital transformation. The hiring initiative also highlights key company goals, such as innovative leadership, revolutionary thinking and focussing on people one hundred percent. COSMO CONSULT is not only looking for experts from all areas of the IT industry, but also for people changing careers who want to make a difference in the digital world. The most important qualification is to be passionate about having an impact on the course of digital transformation and a dynamically growing market in a way that shows your humanity and openness.

The COSMO CONSULT Group is the world's largest independent digital transformation partner in the field of business software in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family. The software and consulting company is owner-managed and one of only two German Microsoft partners represented in both the Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications and the Inner Circle for Artificial Intelligence (AI), two respected advisory bodies. Digital transformation has recently been gaining significant momentum in companies, says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group: "More and more companies are realizing that digital transformation is crucial to securing the future of their businesses." Digital transformation projects go far beyond mere implementation, though. "Flying in, completing the installation and the leaving — that doesn't work in this field," says Bergmann. "You can't look at digital transformation in isolation. You have to see the people involved. Our own transformation experience showed us how true this is, and we can see how true this is from the consulting often needed for digital transformation projects in terms of corporate culture, change management and new business models." The COSMO CONSULT Group has already responded to past challenges like this one by making new hires and launching new business units such as the business design consulting division. In the meantime, demand has exceeded our existing capacities.

300 new experts wanted

As a specialist for digital transformation, COSMO CONSULT wants to increase its number of employees by more than 20 percent this year in order to avoid waiting times and to live up to its own ambitions for innovation and excellence. "We are looking for at least 300 new employees for many different roles so that we can continue to live up to our mission of providing 'Business and Digital Transformation for People'," said Bergmann. We are therefore launching an extensive recruiting campaign in the coming days. In addition to experts from the digital sector, we are also looking for professionals from manufacturing, construction, life sciences and e-commerce, as well as people wanting to change careers. "In terms of going digital, technology only establishes the framework conditions. In the end, how successful a digital service or product will be depends on the creativity and innovative spirit of the people who influence the process of change. Working with our customers, people with talent who enjoy getting involved can shape the future world of work with their ideas and visions," says Bergmann. This is an opportunity for people who are enthusiastic about technology to realize their potential in a dynamically growing market by becoming a COSMOnaut. "With our special approach, we are revolutionizing the way companies go digital. In our company, people who are at home in the digital world will find a working environment that offers great creative freedom and a corporate culture that has been shaped by our own experience with digital transformation and thus focuses on people and innovation. It is the perfect choice for all those who want to make a difference and change the world," Bergmann says.

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