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COSMO CONSULT donates to social projects worldwide

Björn Lorenz12/21/2021

Things like digitization and IT modernization have more to do with people than one might first assume. New technologies influence how we work, communicate, interact with each other, and determine how we spend our leisure time. Not exclusively, but to a certain extent. For the COSMO CONSULT Group, it is therefore important to take responsibility and help overcome social challenges. This year, the digitization specialist is once again donating part of its Christmas budget to social projects that take care of people at international locations.

Most IT and digitization projects are about people. It's about relieving them of routine tasks, giving them better information for business decisions or making their working environment more flexible. "Because our projects focus on people, we are always aware of our social responsibility as a company. We have our feet on the ground and also take care of things that are not necessarily part of our core business," emphasizes Uwe Bergmann, CEO of COSMO CONSULT Group.

Donations at Christmas time have tradition

One of these tasks is to support organizations and initiatives that are committed to environmental and animal protection, human rights or for people who are not doing so well, for example. This year, COSMO CONSULT is therefore once again donating a portion of its Christmas budget to social projects at all of its locations. "By gifting others instead of ourselves, we hope to be able to effectively change the course of destiny for world citizens less fortunate than ourselves." explains Uwe Bergmann. The individual locations of the COSMO CONSULT Group decided for themselves which organizations received a donation. Among the lucky recipients this year were

  • The Nuremberg association “Straßenkreuzer” cares for poor, unemployed and homeless people.
  • Caritas Österreich (Austria) is the aid organization of the Catholic Church and is involved in countless social projects worldwide.
  • Hogar Para Sus Ninjos gives orphans and vulnerable children in the greater Quito area, Ecuador a new perspective.
  • Noé Allatotthon is the largest animal shelter in Hungary's capital Budapest and has been placing animals in need to new families since 1992.
  • Alianta Romania Fara Orfani from Romania supports children from problematic families, if necessary also by finding new families for them.
  • The Stockholmer Stadsmission provides jobs and housing for the homeless, helps integrate migrants, and develops educational opportunities for children and young people.
  • The La Palma volcano victims Project supports the victims of the volcanic eruption on the Canary Island of La Palma.
  • The France Nature Environment association promotes environmental projects throughout France but is also involved in areas such as knowledge transfer and public relations work.
  • Plan B from Austria helps children who are temporarily unable to live with their families and organizes temporary or permanent placements.
  • To provide even better care for children and adolescents, the LMU Klinikum in München is building a new clinic, which also received a donation.

The donations have been handed over in the pre-Christmas period - where possible, also in person.

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