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Microsoft Gold Partner: prime time for number eleven

Björn Lorenz01/30/2020
Bild: Microsoft Gold-Partner

By the end of last year, the COSMO CONSULT Group achieved the milestone of reaching its eleventh Microsoft Gold certification. Microsoft Gold status is the most sought-after certification in the Microsoft community and provides important orientation for users and potential users. The certifications are a recognition of the high level of investment in a broad digital knowledge base by COSMO CONSULT as a software and consulting company. At the same time, the certifications reflect the standard we set for ourselves of being one of the leading end-to-end solution providers.

If the Microsoft partner program were the Olympic Games, the COSMO CONSULT Group would probably be at the top of the medal table. As software and consulting company we now have eleven Microsoft Gold competencies - significantly more than most other partners. The most recent certification to be added was gold in the discipline "Cloud Business Applications". The reasons for this, however, is not because of any passion for collecting things for the sake of collecting, but the simple necessity of building up a wide range of expertise and keeping it constantly up to date. Digital transformation makes this necessary. It demands not only traditional business software know-how, but also expertise in areas such as cloud architecture, data and analytics and business software.

A high level of requirements for gold partnership

The gold partnership is considered the highest award in the Microsoft community. Partners who achieve gold status have met the highest level of Microsoft requirements and have demonstrated their expertise in detail in a complicated procedure. The number and scope of completed customer projects, the level of customer satisfaction achieved, and the technical expertise of the team are decisive factors. The expertise, which has to be proven by undertaking the relevant training and passing the relevant exams, is then documented with a certificate. It is not companies, but the respective employees, who receive the award. In light of how rapidly technology develops, most technical certificates are awarded for a limited time. The COSMO CONSULT experts must therefore constantly keep their expertise up to date.

Achieving digital transformation requires a broad range of knowledge

Getting a Microsoft Gold Partnership therefore requires spending an enormous amount of time and money, both on the part of the employees and of COSMO CONSULT. The fact that we maintain such a broad knowledge base in spite of this is due to how we position ourselves in the market. "Traditional ERP or CRM know-how is not enough to provide consulting and support to companies in the field of digital transformation. We have therefore worked to make our expertise both significantly broader and significantly deeper. This is especially true in areas such as Microsoft Azure and other cloud services. Especially there, the demand from the companies has increased noticeably", explains Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. While many large corporations have been working on digital transformation intensively for some time, it is now mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are starting their own projects at a higher rate. It is precisely for these companies that we as a software and consulting company are paving the way to the digital future with our broad expertise in consulting and fitting end-to-end solutions.

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