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COSMO CONSULT expanding to Asia

Gero Brinkbäumer07/09/2020

The COSMO CONSULT Group, Europe's leading provider of digital transformation services and Microsoft-based, end-to-end business solutions, is extending its global presence by expanding into Asia. At the new Hong Kong office, potential customers from the region and current customers from around the world can access local contacts with both profound knowledge of the market and COSMO CONSULT’s broad, wide-ranging expertise in industries and digital transformation. Further offices are planned in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, and round-the-clock service will be established.

Where the tone will be set in the future

For many years, the image we have had of the emerging Asian markets has been that of the stereotypes of the business news media. However, reality is increasingly moving faster than we have been revising that image. The so-called emerging economies of Asia have now become strong economies occupying the leading positions worldwide, and their ranks include China, which will soon be the largest economy in the world.

Naturally, companies realized long ago how important the Asian economic region is for the growth of their own business. Establishing locations in Asia for manufacturing and trade has been part of the standard repertoire of Western companies for many years. But the rapidly growing consumer sector within Asia is also becoming increasingly attractive for international companies.

The gateway to the Asian market

At the same time, the local industrial and service businesses there are developing at breathtaking speed. There is thus a high demand for modern digital business technologies that help companies of all sizes make intelligent business decisions, identify market opportunities and take advantage of them optimally.

Microsoft Gold Partner COSMO CONSULT, one of the top 10 leading technology and service providers, is now responding to this high demand by opening its own branches in several Asian countries. The first step in this process is the new COSMO CONSULT headquarters in Hong Kong - where many international companies have their main offices, and which is still one of the most important economic areas in all of China.

Technology for people

COSMO CONSULT is following the strategic path that is in line with one of the most important success factors of the company: being close to its customers. That means both having an understanding of specific customer requirements and being in touch with the customers in person where they do business. "It is important to know the rules that govern a specific market," explains Rex Yu, Managing Director of the new COSMO CONSULT division in Asia. "But there is more to it than that. There are also the cultural aspects to consider. And that means the actual people who are involved."

Focusing on people is the common denominator of all projects undertaken by COSMO CONSULT, a Microsoft Dynamics expert and digital transformation specialist. It is the foundation of its growth, which it has extended into Eastern Europe and Latin America in recent years. "Digital technologies are already playing a central role in today’s companies," explains CEO Uwe Bergmann. "But the focus is still on the people who realize their creativity and passion with the help of these technologies."

"Enormous potential"

From the most modern cloud and AI-supported business solutions to expert systems for industry, trade and services, to comprehensive consulting on going digital: starting now, COSMO CONSULT is offering its entire portfolio to local companies and international customers through its own local offices in the Asian region. Global, round-the-clock service and support is also being set up to ensure fast response times.

"We are currently dealing with a crisis that is accompanied by major challenges, both in terms of business and in terms of people," says Uwe Bergmann. "In this situation we have chosen not to bury our heads in the sand, but to position ourselves in such a way so as to give our customers the best support possible. The Asian market has enormous potential. And there will come a time after the crisis is over when that potential can be realized fully."

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