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COSMO CONSULT again named one of Microsoft’s most important digital transformation partners worldwide

Gero Brinkbäumer08/04/2020

Microsoft traditionally announces which companies have been selected for the "Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications" at its annual partner conference Microsoft Inspire. The circle is a body made up of Microsoft's most important partners from around the world, representing the current top providers from across Microsoft’s entire network. COSMO CONSULT, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics and digital transformation expert, has been chosen as a member for the eighth time in a row.

The who's who of the Microsoft world

When it comes to taking companies digital, there is no way around Microsoft: The world's largest software provider not only delivers market-leading solutions for all areas of application, but also enables all companies - large and small - to benefit directly from these solutions by using modern cloud infrastructures. But what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella calls democratizing access to new technology is also being done by many Microsoft partners that ensure that these technologies are successfully implemented by user companies.

However, choosing the right partner for this is not trivial, because there are numerous specialists and many purely regional consulting companies. But if you are looking for strategic Microsoft Dynamics 365 providers that have mastered the complete Microsoft solution spectrum and can implement international projects while providing wide-ranging industry expertise, you are making a sound choice when you select a member of Microsoft's Inner Circle: There you find all the companies in the Microsoft provider market that have status and a reputation.

Drivers of digital change

The criteria for being accepted into the circle of the world's top Microsoft partners are correspondingly strict. Those who want to be part of it must have provided decisive input to Microsoft's digital strategies for the future and have proven their expertise in standard Dynamics 365 products and modern platform technologies. The focus is on the common customers, because only those who get the highest ratings in practice are candidates for the Inner Circle.

It is not only a question of implementation know-how and Microsoft expertise, however. It is also a question of a company’s being the source of new ideas with its own innovations in solutions and services. Therefore, the ability to be a driver of digital change is at the top of Microsoft's list of requirements. Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner COSMO CONSULT has proven once again that is has this capability. It was therefore chosen for the exclusive circle of Microsoft's strategically most important partners in 2020, as it had been seven times in a row in the past years.

The focus is on people

The standard repertoire of COSMO CONSULT includes central business solutions such as ERP, CRM, business Intelligence and data science as well as an extensive range of industry and special solutions. However, digital progress is changing the way people work and so changing the concept of business applications. "Modern digital solutions focus on people, their creativity and their cooperation with other people", says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group.

Today, the most important thing is providing intelligent, holistic platforms that do routine tasks so that employees do not have to, providing them with a working environment that lets them make their contribution while being both professional and fun. It is therefore, says Uwe Bergmann, all the more important not to treat modern technologies as an end in themselves: "The digital transformation of companies is above all a transformation of corporate culture. Technology only opens the doors; the people involved must walk through them."

What makes a good partner

It is not just cost-efficient cloud products and innovative concepts such as intelligent ERP that help guide people in companies into the digital age. The end-to-end approach of COSMO CONSULT also includes comprehensive consulting services that lets it take care of the necessary transformation processes at the same time, no matter if that means introducing a single piece of software or designing and implementing an company-wide overall plan for going digital.

This is also one of the reasons why COSMO CONSULT was once again chosen by Microsoft as one of its most important partners worldwide. "Our basic principle is that a good digital transformation partner must be capable of dealing with more than just technology," says Uwe Bergmann, adding, "When undergoing their digital transformation, companies are looking above all for a partner that is supportive and understanding. Being named to the Inner Circle again shows how important this topic is for Microsoft as well."

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