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COSMO CONSULT right on target with its digital offensive

Gero Brinkbäumer06/26/2019

The Lünendonk list containing extensive market research is published once a year. As one of the best-known service provider rankings, it serves as the most important point of reference for many companies when it comes to finding the right IT partner. In the current list, COSMO CONSULT, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner and an expert in digital transformation, once again ranks among the top providers.

How does the IT industry work?

The pace of digital transformation in companies has increased. No matter what industry or company size - all companies benefit from the new opportunities it brings. And it will not take ten years for those benefits to be realized; that is already happening today. Consequently, for many companies digital transformation projects are currently on the agenda. However, it is not that easy to find the right IT partner. It is not just a question of new technologies, but also about the way a company’s culture influences their use.

If you are searching for the right partner, you can find that partner on the Lünendonk list: Because it contains comprehensive market analysis, it has been one of the most important guides to IT consulting for many years. The list, which is known as the "industry barometer”, is not only a guide to selecting the right service provider, it also gives you an overview of which technology topics are currently companies’ top priorities.

A boost in growth through digital transformation

The fact that COSMO CONSULT is listed among the most successful medium-sized IT service providers in the current ranking, as it has been in previous years, is due above all to the great customer response to the Microsoft Dynamics expert’s range of consulting services and solutions in the digital field. This is also reflected in the company’s numbers: An increase in turnover of almost 23 percent, shows that COSMO CONSULT grew twice as fast as the rest of the IT market.

The overall growth in the market is already something remarkable: "IT service providers can look back on a very positive fiscal year in 2018," says Mario Zillmann, a Lünendonk partner. "The pressure companies are feeling to push ahead with digitalization and digital transformation has led to order books being full in the sector," he said, adding that topics such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and the cloud are generating great demand.

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The responsibilities of service providers

And these are also exactly the issues at the core of COSMO CONSULT’s current digital offensive. Accordingly, the share of turnover accounted for by COSMO’s services in the field of digital increased by a third last year. Especially remarkable is the demand for cloud solutions, whose share of total revenue almost doubled over the course of one year.

"In recent years, we have invested a great deal in the continued development of digital technologies and services," says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of COSMO CONSULT. "Word has spread about how much potential there is in digital innovation. It is important for people to keep a cool head and understand exactly how their companies can tap this potential. That is the responsibility of service providers like us.”

Technology for human beings

After all, nothing less than our economic future is at stake in digital transformation. Jobs and business models - even entire sectors - will be transformed by increasing automation, artificial intelligence, e-business and big data. In order for this transformation process to take place in a circumspect and controlled manner, companies need a partner that is expert in more than just technology. They need a partner that understands the business of its customers and can help to ensure that the transformation also takes place in people's minds.

And this is COSMO CONSULT’s strong suit: As an internationally active Microsoft Dynamics expert, it knows the requirements of its customers from the manufacturing industry, trade, the construction industry, and the service sector extremely well. And above all: COSMO CONSULT is not only about software. Today, IT service providers have to think more holistically, and not only see themselves as systems or infrastructure suppliers. There is more to consulting on digital transformation: companies need to have a modern digital corporate culture. It is a question of the people in a company, of developing their creativity and improving their lives. This is why COSMO CONSULT’s slogan is: “Business software for people”.

Digital transformation is the game changer

Another advantage is COSMO CONSULT’s close cooperation with the world's largest software provider: As the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Europe, and the only expert for the full Microsoft spectrum in the entire Lünendonk ranking, COSMO CONSULT offers integrated solutions for all business areas. And all this on the basis of the latest AI and cloud technologies from Microsoft. In addition to knowing that they are making a sound investment, users also can be sure that they are relying on future-proof technologies that set the standard for the entire market.

COSMO CONSULT itself makes an important contribution to this through digital innovations such as Intelligent ERP, which merges learning assistance systems with the core processes of the Dynamics solutions. "The new functionality is very promising. But it is not just about individual functions. We are in the middle of a process that is fundamentally changing the rules of the game for everyone," says Uwe Bergmann. "Our goal is for our clients to emerge as winners from this transformation process."


Many people are talking about digital transformation - but only a few can actually manage it. If you are looking for an IT partner that is experienced, smart and has the right touch, you should not take the first one that comes along. A good tip is to consult the Lünendonk list: It is well-known for ranking the top providers. And COSMO CONSULT is among them, the only Microsoft specialist in the field. To get on the list, companies have to have strong economic performance. Only partners for digital transformation that have successfully helped many customers find their way into the digital age have that.

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