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COSMO is everywhere – and now in Bremen as well

Gero Brinkbäumer05/02/2019

Customer proximity in a figurative sense means: Understanding customers, knowing what they need and how they think. Customer proximity also has a literal meaning: Being right there, where the customers are. Short distances, experts close by, a place where people meet and talk to each other in person. This is all available now to COSMO CONSULT customers in Bremen as well.

Tradition meets the future

Tradition and innovation have a unique connection in the metropolitan region of Bremen-Oldenburg and in the entire north-west of Lower Saxony which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe: This is where aerospace engineering is at home and where the wind power industry has one of its worldwide centers. But of course you will also find traditional trading companies and well-known names from the shipbuilding, automotive and mechanical engineering industries at every corner.
Bremen and its surroundings stand for diversity and cosmopolitanism. That goes for the companies and of course COSMO CONSULT as well. With the new location in Bremen, the companies in the region now have a central point of contact for the business solutions they require. Especially when you think about your digital future, because COSMO CONSULT is not just an expert for the classic ERP sector, but also a sought-after digitalization partner for SMEs.

Digitization at eye level

“The digital transformation is unstoppable,” says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the global COSMO CONSULT Group. “It is important that not to be left behind. A trusting digital partnership is the underpinning for success. And above all, that means having a deep understanding of regional peculiarities.”

The COSMO CONSULT principle “Local Touch – Global Reach“ refers to exactly that. Rooted in the region as a foundation for a business that successfully crosses borders. We now have 21 locations in the German-speaking area alone. In other words, you are never very far from the nearest COSMO CONSULT contact.

“The broad spectrum of tradition and cutting edge as well as the diversity of successful medium-sized companies, often leading the global market in their industry, make the Bremen environment unique,” adds Samir Mashkal, Managing Director of the new COSMO CONSULT representative office. “Being here at this special business location was very important to us.”

“Dare and win”

COSMO CONSULT’s industry experience is as broad as the regional economy including trade, high-tech, classic industry, and Internet startups. Existing and prospective customers from Bremen and the surrounding area finally have an IT partner in their midst who speaks their language and can reliably accompany them on their way to the digital future.

Conveniently located at the A1 (exit Brinkum), the COSMO CONSULT location in Bremen is now being progressively expanded and reinforced with additional project managers, developers, consultants, and sales staff. Customers and interested parties can reach the office at the following address:

Edisonstraße 2
28816 Stuhr-Brinkum

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