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Global Challenge: (Once around) the world is not enough!

Gero Brinkbaeumer07/21/2017

On 24 May, nearly 300 COSMO CONSULT employees from all international branches set off on a journey around the world: The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, one of the most successful initiatives for employee health, challenges participants to take 10,000 steps every day, while at the same time exploring the globe virtually as a team. The whole Global Challenge cycle is scheduled to last 100 days. After one month, the COSMO CONSULT employees have already covered a total distance that corresponds to twice the earth's circumference. If they keep this pace up, the teams will have gone around the world six times by the end of the challenge!

With an average of 13,700 steps per participant, the COSMO CONSULT colleagues are achieving an impressive daily average. The top performers are from Germany: The Nuremberg teams are significantly above the 15,000-step per day mark! Impressive! But the Spanish, Peruvian, Swedish, French and Chilean branches are also pushing beyond the expected amount, sometimes far beyond. In the first Global Challenge month the total number of calories burnt corresponded to 11,000 large burgers, 34,000 glasses of wine and a remarkable 22,000 pieces of cake.

At this point in the challenge, we want to congratulate the team from Berlin with the distinctive name "#eatmydust", which after the first month is all alone at the top of the list with more than 3,500 kilometers covered. "The fast and the furious" from Munster and "Die Schrittmacher" (that’s German for “The Pacemakers”) from Nuremberg come next on the list with around 3,000 kilometers each. "Sevenapps" and "TIPI-TAPA" from Spain, as well as the "Cosmic Athletes" from Sweden, are also staying hard on their heels. It will be exciting to see which team finishes the race in first place. But the real winner is already clear: the health of the employees!

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