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COSMO 365 is the new name of COSMO CONSULT's cloud solution formerly known as Dynamics 365

Gero Brinkbäumer01/24/2017

The well-established COSMO CONSULT-Dynamics 365 cloud business solutions, which are specifically designed for small businesses and startups, will now be marketed under the brand "COSMO 365". With the new name COSMO CONSULT, Europe's leading Microsoft ERP provider, emphasizes the close integration of the Dynamics 365 solutions with its own products and services portfolio. Simultaneously, the COSMO CONSULT group is increasing its commitment in the area of Microsoft Dynamics-based enhanced cloud offerings, which offer customers easy and economical access to advanced digital enterprise solutions in accordance with Microsoft's strategy of "Mobile first, Cloud first".

COSMO 365 allows smaller companies and startups in particular to enter into the ERP world quickly and easily. The concept is based on pre-configured ERP packages that combine Microsoft Dynamics technology with market-leading COSMO CONSULT industry functionalities and are available via cloud services. This way, COSMO 365 customers benefit from the advantages of modern ERP and industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics without the need for expensive on-site implementation or the requirement of keeping their own IT resources for operation, service and maintenance.

The COSMO 365 solution, which was selected for the group of the best products as part of the IT innovation award "INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2016 ", can be licensed within the framework of rental model with monthly fees and with a monthly cancellation period. The packages include additional training materials and group training offers in order to keep implementation costs as low as possible. The cloud solution COSMO 365 also ensures that updates are installed automatically, including all tax and regulatory updates, so users are always using the latest version.

With the in-depth integration of COSMO 365 into the international group of companies, the COSMO CONSULT Group has strengthened its commitment in cloud segment, which will be even more important in the future. COSMO 365 also benefits from the comprehensive services, support and wide range of COSMO CONSULT's portfolio of solutions. "It is important that for our existing customers nothing changes except that their enterprise solution is now called COSMO 365, not Dynamics 365," said Klaus Aschauer, Director at COSMO CONSULT AG. "In the future, both our existing customers and new customers will have many additional ways to customize their cloud solutions to meet their individual requirements."

As it is for Microsoft, for COSMO CONSULT the cloud is one of the most important future trends in the field of enterprise solutions. The fact that in the era of digital transformation not only large companies but also SMEs and especially start-ups can benefit from the new smart functionalities by using cloud services is the main point of COSMO 365 for Klaus Aschauer: "Modern business solutions are no longer merely providing tools for individual tasks - they have themselves become part of the means of production and play a vital role in competitiveness. With COSMO 365, we are strengthening our commitment in the cloud area and offering smaller companies in particular economical and secure access to the cutting-edge information technologies. "

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