Interview with Max Kinder and Tom Graßmann

Max Kinder and Tom Graßmann are prospective application development IT specialists at the Dresden office. In early August, they both came to Münster to join the trainees there in a basic course in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The training was a complete success for both of them – and no wonder, when you turn your hobby into a career.


Maren: Hi, guys! How about you start by telling us how the three days of basic training went for you? I know you also got a chance to meet the colleagues from the Münster office. So what were your impressions?

Tom: The main impression was that the people here are just as nice and friendly and open as they were during our first few days in Dresden. We got the same sort of warm welcome here, too. And they’re really friendly and informal around here, even now during training, which makes things much more relaxed. We didn't have to worry about asking questions, and our instructor explained everything really precisely and clearly. I thought that was great!

Max: I also like how we’re all equals here, no formalities. That’s just how they do things here at COSMO CONSULT – you’re always free to talk and ask questions, because everyone is really open, and people help each other out!

Tom: Exactly, you’re really on an equal footing with all your co-workers, and that’s something unique. That's something I wasn’t expecting. I mean, you hear stories from trainees at other companies. It’s not your typical office atmosphere around here. It’s really chill!

Maren: So you had already spent a few days in Dresden and started your training there. What impressions did you take away from your time there?

Tom: Well, there was a lot of information to take in during the first days, of course. We toured the office, talked to just about everyone who was there and got ourselves oriented a bit. We also did the first training courses – “In-House Technology” and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All in all, it was a really relaxed, cool way to start!

Max: It was great how we were able to get a feel for the whole company right on the first day. They were so friendly to us when we got there. They took us around and introduced us to everyone. That was a really nice experience. And then we got to set up our own workspaces and docking stations. That was fun!

Maren: The offices in Dresden just got a really innovative upgrade, too...

Tom: That’s right! And we’ve got our work area right in this new, open section of offices, along with the other trainees who started last year.

Max: That’s the best part, sitting next to people who already have a year of experience and have already been through the whole process. So, if you have questions, you can just ask them, no problem. I mean, I know we probably get on their nerves sometimes, but they’re pretty used to it by now. And eventually, that's going to be us, putting up with the newbies.

Tom: Oh, and it’s pretty awesome, too, how you can just talk normally to everyone. You don’t have to worry about being formal.

Max: And you don’t get the feeling that people in “higher positions” really put much emphasis on their status. We all just discuss everything like equals.

Maren: Did you always want to be IT specialists? Or what did you want to be when you were little?

Max: I actually wanted to be a mechatronics engineer, because my brother was really into cars and was always tinkering around with them. And I was always following him around. But at some point, I realized that manual labor isn’t really my thing, so I started to look for something new. And since I’ve always been good with technology and IT, I figured... why not do that?!

Tom: Well, ever since I got my first computer, I figured I wanted to do something in that area. Then, in the 10th grade, we had computer science class, and that’s when I knew for sure. I took the advanced course, too, and then three years of computer science at TU Dresden. And I can easily spend the whole day just playing around with computers. Actually, that’s pretty much what I do! And when what you do for work is actually fun, like what we’re doing now, then the time goes by fast, and it’s just fun. It doesn’t feel like work.

Maren: Just one last question: We’re living in the age of digitalization, and, for our customers, this is also an important issue where a lot of fundamental changes are taking place. What are your thoughts on this?

Max: We actually had a discussion just yesterday about that and about all the things we’re going to be able to do with artificial intelligence. I think we’re probably going to make a lot of advances in AI that are going to make work easier. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can already do quite a bit, but we have to keep thinking!

Tom: We’ll probably see processes simplified even more or just taken over by machines altogether. And people will be able to devote themselves to more creative activities that they don’t have time for these days. I think that we’re going to improve a lot of people’s work lives. Because it’s way more fun thinking up new, creative ideas than it is spending eight hours just doing the same thing over and over.

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