Johanna | Consultant | Sweden

First name: Johanna

Age: 29

Job title: Consultant

Office: Stockholm, Sweden

In which year did you start with COSMO CONSULT? 2011

Did you work in different roles? If so, please describe your career within COSMO CONSULT? 
I came directly from university and started as a junior consultant at our Customer Care Team. In this team we support our customers by helping them with their questions, problems and evolution requests but also participate in projects. Now I work as a consultant at our operations team.

What do you like most about your work at COSMO CONSULT?
COSMO CONSULT is a company where you have good opportunities to develop in your role, and get the opportunity to work with colleagues and customers in other countries.  It’s nice to work with talented and great colleagues. 

I appreciate that we have freedom with responsibility. I also like the very varied work assignments and tasks and that we have great, long-term customer relationships.

Please describe your job:
In my job I work with different customers in different industries. I work with our existing customers and help them regularly if they have system problems, wishes for adjustments, integrations, upgrades, etc. I also work with new clients and implementation from the analysis phase to deployment. I mainly work with the Finance module in NAV.

What are your hobbies/interests?
Country skiing, traveling, dinners with friends and to read.