CKL Software GmbH

CKL Software GmbH was founded in 1997 for the development of integrated cost centre and cost unit accounting for the German market.

From1997 to 2012, Dynamics NAV "CKL cost accounting" was sold directly via Microsoft and is now in use at over 1,200 customer businesses.

CKL cost accounting

With cost accounting for Dynamics NAV, you obtain a modern controlling tool to support your cost analyses. With cost accounting, you have tools at your disposal with the options required in practice mapped for you, including intra-company billing of services, allocation according to all methods, calculatory recurring entries and working with budgeted costs as well as the evaluation of data with the help of analysis views that you have created yourself.

CKL cost centre accounting

With cost centre accounting the basic functions of management cost accounting are delivered.

  • Derivation of the cost type budget from the ledger accounts or individual development
  • Separation between fixed and variable amount shares
  • Deposit of fixed amounts in the cost type
  • Management of as many dimensions/reporting features as desired with each entry
  • Optionally automatic adoption of cost and performance entries from other modules
  • Terms of reference to manage performance entries
  • Adoption of quantities from the production/resources/projects module with the help of terms of reference
  • Deposit of billing rates with the term of reference
  • Allocation according to:
    • the gradation method with distribution by ratio, performance or purchase cost type
    • quantity x cost ratio with billing rate
    • the iteration method
    • the ratio of budgeted values
  • Detailed evaluations, e.g. cost type sheets, BAB by cost centres /periods, budget-actual comparisons
  • User-defined evaluation options of the account charts
  • Linking of analysis views with account charts
  • Management of analysis views for detailed evaluation on a multidimensional basis and to present actual-target comparisons
  • Export and import function to/from Excel
  • Budget development with the help of budgeted allocations
  • Budget linking into financial accounting
  • Budget development with fixed and variable amount separation
  • Quantity budgets
  • Budgets of cost centre accounting with integration of dimensions
  • Recurring calculatory entries

CKL cost unit accounting

The cost unit accounting module can be called upon if, for example, intra-company billing of services and the calculation of individual cost units is to be carried out.

  • Any number of cost units
  • Separation between fixed and variable amount shares
  • Optionally automatic adoption of cost and performance entries
  • Any number of price margin levels
  • Performance entry in connection with a term of reference and billing rate
  • Intra-company performance billing
  • Set up of as many surcharge calculation schedules as desired
  • Calculation of overhead cost surcharges as a credit to the cost centre accounting
  • Development of cost unit budgets with fixed and variable (quantity-related) budgets
  • Export and import of budget data in Excel
  • Budget copy into financial accounting
  • Set-up of as many analysis views as desired for actual and budget data
  • Recurring calculatory entries