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CAD Integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The cc|cad integration module from COSMO CONSULT is a Microsoft-certified business solution and provides full integration with the PDM system (product data management system) Autodesk Vault Professional from the CAD/PDM specialist Autodesk. This solution allows you to transfer product data such as product information, BOMs, drawings, 3D models, etc. easily and flexibly from the CAD to the ERP system using freely defined parameters and different mappings. This means you can dispense with complex data maintenance in both systems and also eliminates the resulting input errors. For parts list processing, both modular and structured BOMs are supported. Product and parts list data can also be exported and imported using a file interface.

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Imported parts lists in different variants, such as manufacturing BOMs or engineering BOMs, can be copied and specifically tailored to a company's individual organisational processes. The integration of both systems means existing material reservations can be checked and displayed. Warehouse stock can be accessed in real-time and relevant production processes and information can also be integrated.

Factsheet cover of cc|cad integration, a bidirectional CAD Integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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The add-ins included in the cc|cad integration, both for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and for Autodesk Vault, provide direct access to the respective system without having to exit the application. For example, the drawings, 3D models, change orders, etc. associated with a product can be displayed directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV without having to start the PDM system or a CAD program. Job data, order data, warehouse stock, etc. are integrated directly in Autodesk Vault Professional.

The advantages of cc|cad integration at a glance:

  • complete integration of the Vault Professional 2012 Autodesk solution
  • flexible importing of products and BOMs from Autodesk Vault Professional
  • Import management of imported BOMs
  • Generation of product templates for importing
  • Mapping of units between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Autodesk Vault Professional
  • Mapping of parameters from Autodesk Vault and Microsoft Dynamics NAV data with "User-Defined Properties"
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-in for displaying product information, associated documents, drawings, 3D models, change requests, etc. from Autodesk Vault
  • Autodesk Vault Explorer add-in for displaying the article product, BOMs, sales and purchasing documents, inventory data, etc. from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Other Add Ons, Apps and ERP Special Solutions


With the e-balance sheet, you can easily create an electronic tax balance sheet from the trade balance sheet in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Credit Management System

cc|crefodynamics is a credit management system for professional accounts arrears and receivables management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Automated accounts payable processes

ExFlow is an add-on software module for Microsoft Dynamics that enables the handling and approval of invoices via a web interface.


With cc|intercompany you can map business processes effortlessly and exchange data between departments or between you and your business partners. The necessary goods receipt and goods issue documents are generated automatically in the respective client.

Factory Data Capture

Factory Data Capture (FDC) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) offers the ability to use time more accurately as well as to illustrate time and time-related data more clearly.

Task-based scheduling

Task based scheduling allows you to see delivery deadlines, lead times and stock levels at a glance and identify deviations quickly.

Quality Management

Quality Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages all necessary tests, test devices and test documentation – during purchase, production and final inspection to increase the product quality.

Vendor Rating

Vendor Rating is used as a basis for decision-making in the allocation process and also for the ongoing control of supplier relationships.

Transport Software

With cc|transport you can manage goods shipments as transport orders that you hand over to freight forwarders to send to your customers or a consignment warehouse.

BI for Microsoft Dynamics

For Microsoft Dynamics, we offer pre-configured business intelligence dashboards that can be launched using your data within the shortest possible time.

Formatted Documents

With cc|formatted documents, users have the ability to enhance and improve the appearance of reports or documents through the use of an integrated word processor directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Mobile Solution

The holistic special solution for mobile field services seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Workflow Management

Workflow helps the teams in your organisation work through their respective tasks on time and in the proper manner. Conventional organisation manuals have significant disadvantages compared with an electronic workflow solution.


EDI integrates the electronic data exchanges between you and your customers, suppliers, shippers and Internet shops directly into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business processes.

Rental Solution

The rental solution is intended to be an add-on to the make-to-order and process manufacturing industry solutions since it is becoming increasingly common in the current climate for companies to lease or rent large machines instead of buying them.

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By working with you, we know that we can find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how COSMO CONSULT and our ERP special solutions can help you to get more output of your business.

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