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Manage your International ERP Projects successfully

Companies wanting to operate abroad should minimise the risk of investment by putting
a suitable IT structure in place.

When implementing international ERP projects, two key questions should be clarified in advance:

1) Is the existing ERP structure suitable for meeting international as well as local requirements, or does the system need to be replaced or updated?

IT systems that are put in place before the decision to take a business international are generally only suitable for meeting local requirements in terms of language, taxation and currency, for instance. When ascertaining whether a system is fit for international deployment, factors such as scalability and interfaces need to be taken into account, as well as whether a solution is compatible with different country requirements.

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2) How do you set up a global ERP structure?

There are a few underlying factors that determine the success or failure of a multinational ERP implementation, whatever the company. The findings of the study "Issues in multinational ERP implementations" indicate that, alongside ‘hard’ project-related factors, cultural differences also play a key role in international IT projects. In addition to language barriers, these cultural factors include differing management styles, diverging views on company policy and conduct at work.

As a rule, SMEs in particular do not have departments or defined structures in place, or the requisite knowledge to make IT structures fit for internationalisation. If the implementation of the ERP system is to be successful, measures must be taken to compensate for this lack of knowledge. Firstly, the necessary groundwork must be done within the company. Secondly, the company should employ concepts, partners and solutions that have already proven to be successful in the field of international IT systems. The choice of partner in particular is crucial in determining the success of a project. In the study mentioned above, the authors Plant and Willkocks emphasise the importance of a partner’s local presence. The study references two case studies that show how the presence of a partner on site can influence the success of an multinational ERP project.

Success has long since ceased to be confined to country borders. Dealing with international production markets and sales markets is now the norm and part of everyday work for companies of virtually all sizes. This has a direct impact on the relevant IT structures, which in turn need to be set up to map structures and transactions across country borders where necessary.

Requirements when implementing multinational projects

  • Does the increasing rate of globalisation and internationalisation present new challenges that require a uniform infrastructure?
  • Are you looking for an ERP system that can support you in mapping corporate structures and transactions across different countries, to ensure you have an overview of the data that is important to you at all times?
  • Are you faced with the challenge of managing a central Purchasing department, installing and maintaining a global corporate controlling system, putting a central master data concept into action or complying with global directives such as IFRS?
  • Are you already using Microsoft Dynamics NAV® and looking for a competent, international partner to implement the system at your remaining subsidiaries?
  • Is your international company in search of a new ERP solution?
  • Has global procurement and production been part of your business for some time but you lack the EDP structure you need for the consolidation phase?
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective hub-and-spoke solution?

Benefit from COSMO CONSULT's expertise in international ERP projects

COSMO CONSULT is one of the world's most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners in the international projects business and offers a number of compelling strengths:

  • International services from a single source
    To minimise the amount of time spent coordinating and harmonising projects, our COSMO CONSULT Global Services organisational unit and associated Global Engagement Office provide customers with access to a central point of contact, ensuring optimal knowledge transfer in each stage of the project.
  • Globally local 
    With our expansive network of COSMO CONSULT offices and international network of certified Strategic Alliance Partners, we are close at hand wherever you need us. With our support, you are optimally equipped to deal with critical success factors such as differing legal norms, cultural differences, varying social and value systems, and linguistic challenges.
  • The latest release of our industry solutions available internationally
    Benefit from our highly competent Product Development department and the industry-specific standard software products from COSMO CONSULT — which are available internationally in the latest certified release.
  • Our links with Microsoft
    COSMO CONSULT is one of the central pillars of Microsoft's global Microsoft Dynamics strategy. We maintain strong relationships across every level of management and development.
  • Unique project methodologies
    Our success is based on a structured yet flexible methodology for implementing projects derived from the widely recognised "Microsoft SureStep" project methodology and the findings we have gained from many years of experience using the tool in an international environment.

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