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Implementation Methodologies

Benefit from proven implementation methods

An implementation method tailored to the project is a prerequisite for successful software implementation. This involves costing, planning, controlling and monitoring the necessary tasks, including resources. We place our trust in proven implementation methods since 1996 when implementing our software projects.

Agile Implementation Methodology

The agile project methodology for ERP implementation responds flexibly to new requirements during the implementation phase. The high level of customer integration in the process ensures that the requirements of the finished software solution deliver precisely what the customer wants.

Microsoft SureStep Methodology

SureStep is an implementation method developed by Microsoft that supports teams in the successful implementation Microsoft Dynamics projects. It defines roles and responsibilities both on the customer and the partner side.

Agile implementation methodology - for rapid results when implementing BI projects

Within a very short time, the agile implementation methodology for our business intelligence projects with QlikView produces appropriate results that can still be adapted to users' requirements during implementation.

For detailed information on agile implementation methodology in the BI environment, please click here.

Implementation Consulting

Our support starts as early as the sales stage. We work with you to draw up the key project goals, focus areas and processes, while developing a wider solution concept.

We record and describe your processes and requirements in detail during the analysis stage, and strive to remain as close to the software standard as possible while leaving sufficient space for customisation. Many small and medium-sized businesses in particular have developed a competitive advantage through their individuality, which we support and optimise.

This means that we apply as much of a standard approach as possible and as much customisation as is required and advisable.

The new software is then specified precisely using process and functional descriptions and optimised in consultation with you in an iterative process. Once the processes and functions have been described and defined in detail, we begin project implementation.

It is often the case that implementation, i.e. setting up the software and training the staff, can run in parallel with development. This stage also calls for teamwork, and close collaboration is especially important. This means the insights gained can be fed directly into the process.

Once all users have been trained and all modifications have been implemented and tested, the commissioning or “go live” phase begins. It is possible to either start with a “Big Bang” and put all modules into operation at once, or to go live with individual departments, step by step. There are solid arguments to back up either option. As a rule, what actually takes place is a mixture of the two approaches, meaning that some of the departments will start at the same point in time, while the remaining operational areas will be implemented in later steps. Ultimately, it is up to the project team to determine which path is right for the individual project. We monitor the "go live" stage closely and provide extensive consultation.

The transition to long-term consultation is generally smooth. If you have already been working with your new software without any issues for an extended period, our Customer Service and Support Team will provide consultation, step by step. The contact people with whom you are already familiar will also remain happy to assist you.

Get more out of your business

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By working with you, we will help find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how COSMO CONSULTs ERP solutions and our specific implementation methodology can help you to get more output of your business.

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