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ERP Project & Change Management

There are a great many challenges and changes associated with rolling out a new ERP system. This often comes as a surprise to many companies, especially the employees responsible for managing the ERP project internally. It is understandable, however, given that ERP system implementation is generally not part of the core business of a company.

In addition to adhering to the internal budget, these employees are also responsible for ensuring the success of the project overall, and making sure all the necessary preparatory work has been completed. Business units need access to the right functions at the right time, different objectives have to be aligned and expectations have to be channelled appropriately. What's more, suitable methods and procedures must be employed to involve key users and encourage them to take a responsible, proactive role in the shaping of business processes and systematic support. The success of ERP projects, therefore, largely hinges on the way the project is managed internally.

Having the correct organisational structures in place and managing

  • Varying expectations
  • Ideas
  • Personal goals
  • Defence mechanisms
  • Obstinate attitudes and
  • Disquiet

is important to guarantee the long-term success of a project.

  • Who are the relevant stakeholders in the project, how can they be involved and how can possibly conflicting objectives be harmonised?
  • How can I motivate
    • Key users
    • Branch managers or
    • Heads of business units
  • to support and actively contribute to the success of the project?

To ensure that their ERP project reaches a successful conclusion, project managers often require the support of an experienced professional who can respond to and assist with the various challenges that crop up in a timely and effective manner.

Interim services

Companies lose skills when managers or specialists are temporarily out of action (e.g. due to illness) or leave the company at short notice. Potential candidates for the newly vacant post first have to be identified, and even then successful candidates are often not able to fill the post immediately. However, the position cannot be left vacant in the meantime.

Staff from most employment agencies

  • Are not specially trained in the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems or
  • Acting as interim managers can become too tied up with theoretical management, without focusing on operations, or
  • Lack important skills, such as
    • Knowledge of English
    • Ability to act on own initiative

Managing such external staff is often more time consuming than it would be simply to take on the additional workload yourself.

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What we offer

1.a) Intensive training in ERP project management

  • We train your project manager and any other relevant key people involved in the project from your company to meet the challenges of ERP system implementation head on
  • We discuss the relevant tasks and profiles required for employees/roles within the project and help you recruit the right staff, either internally or externally
  • We provide tips and tricks to help you skilfully avoid known problems and risks associated with ERP system implementation.

1.b) Coaching in ERP project management

  • We support your project manager and any other relevant key people within your company on an ongoing basis throughout the entire ERP system implementation
  • As an impartial observer, we identify risks and provide improvement suggestions in respect of the project management
  • Where necessary, we can moderate discussions in the interests of the project to take the strain off your project manager.

1.c) Coaching in ERP change management

  • We support you in managing changes associated with the ERP implementation and help your project team avoid unnecessary conflicts
  • We work to ensure that all key stakeholders are on board with the project and focus on the overall success of the project
  • We draw up (confidential) approaches to resolve conflicts within a project.

2. Interim services

  • Rapid familiarisation with processes and systems, e.g. in the field of accounting and controlling
  • Assumption of responsibility and identification with the company
  • Interim operational support in various areas, including
    • Accounting
    • Controlling
    • Reporting
  • Close collaboration with
    • Management
    • Other areas of the business
    • Financial auditors or tax advisers
  • Operational activities based on a wealth of experience and a strong sense of commitment

Our consulting team

Our consultants are on hand to to give you the support you require. Whether as trainers, coaches or interim staff, they offer many years of experience in the relevant field, as well as thinking “outside of the box” and managing employees and teams. They also boast an in-depth professional knowledge of areas such as ERP program and project management and financial management.

What's more, our consultants’ experience stems both from customer projects and previous roles in a variety of different businesses, putting them in an ideal position to adapt flexibly to your specific situation.

Does this sound interesting?

By working with you, we know that we can find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how COSMO CONSULT and our specific business consulting services can help you to get more output of your business.

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