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The effects of Corona are being felt everywhere in the manufacturing industry also: according to a recent VDMA flash survey, almost all mechanical engineering companies (96%) are expecting a decline in sales that cannot be compensated for this year. Almost three quarters of the companies are considering cutting back on their investment plans. In this situation, customer service becomes very important in a specific area. What exactly is it about?

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It is obvious that e-commerce platforms have become much more important in recent weeks - and feedback from our customers confirms this. But why are B2B portals and web shops in general experiencing this boom? Is personal contact no longer important? And if you do not have a B2B platform yet: How can this be activated promptly?

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10# Digitalize your business model

by Ralf Krahnert

Successful companies think ahead and adapt to market shifts on time. Digitalization is an opportunity to gain competitive advantage through new ideas, as cards are being reshuffled in many industries. This makes it all the more important not to postpone the digital transition. If a few basic rules are observed during implementation, there is a good chance that the project will be a success.

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