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Data Quality


Storing documents on a central server - is that already a step towards digitalization? Maybe that was the case 30 years ago, but certainly not today. Current technologies can do much more than just manage documents. This opens up new opportunities for companies - for better quality, a higher level of automation and the secure feeling of having things under control.

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The Process Turntable in Quality Management

by Josip Breskic

One of the great challenges in quality-focused companies is to maintain an overview of all incidents and to react quickly. No wonder that an awareness for quality-focused processes is growing in many companies. Incident management is the hub for these processes. The starting point is always an event that triggers a process. Incidents can have a variety of causes and depend strongly on the respective company’s business model.

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Modern technologies and business software play an increasingly important role when it comes to quality. Companies investing in this area could gain significant competitive advantages.

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How well and how efficiently a business works depends largely on the quality of the available data. In discrete manufacturing, the biggest factor is clean CAD data. Only when this data is available can your production operations run smoothly.

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Digitalization is a real challenge, but it also opens up brand new possibilities. What looms on the horizon of the digital transformation process is digital integration. This means brand new possibilities for companies. In this blog, we’ll tell you what’s involved and how your business stands to benefit.

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