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It is your project. Just do it!

by Peter Burghardt

Can you name that brand that uses the slogan “Just do it!”? Not too hard, right? Regardless of how you feel about a marketing campaign, you’re bound to associate it with a product or brand. Why shouldn't the same be true for a project?

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The Wrong Innovation Culture

by Ralf Krahnert

Technologies are changing fast. But the way people think, does not. Therefore, it is not easy, but important, to react faster to market changes than current common practice.

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The Wrong Mindset

by Torsten Harnack

Anyone who thinks that digital transformation is a process of change that affects mainly the IT department is wrong: It is the entire organization that changes. Digital transformation is a company-wide transformation.

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Co-innovation at COSMO CONSULT: Innovative products for successful customers

by Claudia Claßen

For more than twenty years, the COSMO CONSULT group has been a successful and well-established player in the manufacturing market thanks to its tailor-made industry solutions for contract, process and project-related manufacturing. We bring our own innovative strength together with the ideas and wishes of our customers and make it possible to cover even the most complex processes on the way to digital end-to-end solutions.

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The story of one paperboy’s intelligent business

by Daniel Gburek

How does a little paperboy do the big business? How many newspapers to buy from the corner retailer? What role does his gut feeling, his experience and the intelligent services of COSMO CONSULT play in this?

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