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Daniel Schmid

Digitalizing business models, evaluating offers, establishing new distribution channels, verifying supply chains and automating production. To implement these goals, executives are working with their specialized departments to move digitalization forward. In so doing, they are utilizing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and process automation in order to gain immediate business advantages. 

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Fast processes with innovative technologies

For dealerships, as one example, SaaS provides the latest software solutions. The entire process for evaluating an offer can be reproduced in the systems – from offer analysis to costing and benefit evaluation to the potential margin when reselling the offered products.  

SaaS data centers give staff the tools they need for analytics and prediction in their area of responsibility. The pocket calculators and Excel lists that have been ubiquitous for decades are becoming a thing of the past. Their roles have been taken over by analytics tools capable of performing a detailed evaluation in the blink of an eye. Moreover, these tools provide an analysis of similar offers from other suppliers.  

Always on the cutting edge

The obvious advantage is the acceleration of all processes. The bottom line is that fast, innovative companies get their products on retailers' shelves long before their competition. At the same time, they also ensure better pricing and reliable delivery. 

The promise made by software-as-a-service providers is that systems will always be up to date. This differentiates their public cloud products from both on-premises systems and private cloud concepts. The latter solutions leave IT departments largely occupied with keeping their status up to date.  

In order to offer the company new and innovative technologies, they first have to complete a complex update project to update the current software and possibly the hardware, as well. 

IT tools as a service

Meanwhile, the new versions could easily be out of date the very next day. The speed with which software is developed has increased exponentially over the years. To keep up with this pace, operating departments are taking it upon themselves to further develop the systems they utilize.  

And SaaS providers offer a variety of digital tools to help them do it. Staff are able to use these applications to program software based on their own needs and expectations. Now, you have the opportunity to leave your own digital mark on your job or even your company.  

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