Supporting Career Advancement – Instead of Writing Lists

Oliver Schneider

If employees in HR departments don’t have to deal with endless paperwork and digital lists any more, they can take on more exciting and creative tasks. For instance, they can take on responsibility for their colleagues, encouraging and supporting them in their career progression within the company as well as in their individual development.


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The situation in the HR department

This, however, requires HR professionals to be given digital tools which take over routine tasks, so that they can make use of their own skills and unfold their creative potential.

Sadly, this is not what is currently happening in real life. According to various estimates, up to 80 percent of potential creative work remains undone because employees are stuck in endless circles of administrative tasks and writing lists. This is despite the fact that a significant proportion of these tasks could easily and much more accurately be done by computers.

Change management for HR

The responsible persons therefore urgently have to rethink and adapt the processes that have been increasing for decades. They should reorganize the work that needs to be done and thus split up the processes in a sensible manner between the IT systems and the employees. The employees will then take on responsibility for their colleagues and accompany and support them in their career.

The computers will work in the background, taking over the administrative tasks and sorting dates and lists as well as forms and career plans. They do these routine tasks 24/7 and, in contrast to the employees, they are endlessly scalable.

If the company grows, the digital HR department grows along with it, and all the necessary processes are completed automatically, reliably and on time. Depending on the degree of digitalization, this includes approvals, deadlines and reviews, for example with regard to vacation planning, the payroll, job advertisements, recruiting, and onboarding.

The digitalization roadmap for the HR department

Digital HR management also includes the chronological documentation of the employees’ careers, starting from their first job interview. The employees’ level of experience, career steps, success stories but also setbacks and weaknesses can be viewed in the systems at any time. With the help of automated processes and routines, HR departments can use this talent ecosystem to determine the ideal person for a vacant post or for completing a specific task.

This is based on a platform on which each employee’s master data is always reliably available. This database supports HR professionals regarding processes such as business trips, vacation schedules, onboarding or employee training. Within the scope of the digitalization of the HR department, modules and functions are installed according to the roadmap and eventually map an HR department that is characterized by end-to-end automation.

You can find more information on this topic in our white paper "Human Capital Management - More time for strategy instead of routine".
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