Intelligent ERP: Collaboration in the Team

Kim Helmig, Christiane Grothmann06/25/2019

Developing intelligent ERP solutions is something different. It starts with an idea, a goal, a concept – but no one knows exactly what hurdles need to be cleared in order to make it a reality. The journey into unknown territory will place specific demands on the team. Furthermore, intelligent ERP projects require a whole host of skills, which is why our team at COSMO CONSULT is interdisciplinary:

  • ERP developers ensure a lean and largely standardized integration into the relevant ERP software.
  • Data scientists develop sophisticated mathematical models for prediction and optimization methods.
  • Data architects organize the provision of data and prepare the corresponding infrastructure.
  • Cloud architects provide the cloud services required for seamless communication between the company software and intelligent assistants.
  • Product managers evaluate the solution from the point of view of the user and provide important tips for optimization, for example with a focus on user-friendliness.

We Develop Across Different Sites

Experts with a wide range of specialisms are a rare find on a single site. One challenge is therefore assembling a cross-site team and enabling them to develop modern solutions in a way that is agile and dynamic. Someone who wants to work in a team like this not only needs technical qualifications, but also, more importantly, social skills. In practice, it is often not possible to clearly distinguish tasks from one another. This requires the team members to have a high degree of independence, a responsible attitude towards their work, and a willingness to think outside the box. Developing intelligent ERP solutions means creativity and personal freedom, but it also requires a readiness to support others and to get behind new ideas in order to ultimately work together successfully as a team.

Social Skills Are Crucial

For us at COSMO CONSULT, expert knowledge is just one side of the coin. This is something we require as standard as part of our employee selection process. But what distinguishes real talent from an average employee are interpersonal skills: Empathy, the ability to approach colleagues, to understand their emotions, and to respond to them appropriately – that is what emotional intelligence means to us. It is the key factor when it comes to motivating a team to excel. Of course, it is also necessary for the employee to acknowledge and master their own emotions. But how do you find this level of talent?

It All Comes Down to Values

At COSMO CONSULT, we compare the values of our employees and applicants with our own value system. A reliable and simple method for this is the 9 Levels of Value System. This provides a comprehensive analysis of the subject’s motivation and demotivation potentials and creates a stronger basis for both sides when it comes to making a decision. This helps applicants to understand the aim of the role and the work environment, while we are in a better position to judge whether they are a good fit for our corporate culture.

Would you like to know more? Leave us your contact details, give us a call, or send us an email. We’ll be happy to discuss how your company can optimally prepare for an intelligent ERP system.

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