Industry solution cc|print and packaging now available in Microsoft AppSource

Matthäus Mayer10/17/2018

The COSMO CONSULT industry solution for the print and packaging industry (previously FWI Print & Packaging) has just become available in AppSource – the official online marketplace for Microsoft solutions. Click here to find the solution in AppSource!

AppSource only features solutions that have been thoroughly checked by Microsoft and this milestone can therefore be taken as a Microsoft “seal of approval” for quality, functional software (curated by Microsoft).

Users are now reassured in the knowledge that solutions in the AppSource are of high quality and comply with Microsoft's Best Practices. The approval also ensures that the solution meets the latest technical requirements, is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can be implemented without any major risk. Not least of all, being listed in AppSource assures the consumer that this solution fits the Microsoft product strategy and is upgradeable. That means that an upgrade or version change to Microsoft Dynamics 365 won’t result in any unpleasant surprises or extra costs.

COSMO CONSULT has been a reliable partner to the print and packaging industry for many years and is a technological front-runner in this field. The close cooperation with Microsoft and COSMO CONSULT’s full commitment to Microsoft’s strategy ensure that COSMO CONSULT solutions are developed based on Microsoft technology, are supported in the long term and cover industry requirements.

Due to the early participation in initial beta programs (TAP) of Microsoft Dynamics 365, COSMO CONSULT managed to have this strategically important product ready for online sales as one of the first ISV partners. Users of the COSMO CONSULT industry solution for the print and packaging industry can trust that COSMO CONSULT does not only focus the solution on the industry application but also the staff resources.

More about the ERP industry solution

For more information about cc|print and packaging, refer to our website.

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About the Author: Matthäus Mayer

Matthäus Mayer has been working in ERP sales at COSMO CONSULT Vienna since 2011 (formerly FWI Group). He has many years of professional experience with Microsoft Dynamics and IT strategy.

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