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Democratization of Artificial Intelligence

Daniel Gburek09/24/2018

Many customers of COSMO CONSULT have recognized the data of various sources as an asset in the course of their digitization projects. Systematic availability of information by means of methods of artificial intelligence are regarded as enablers for the optimization of processes and the establishment of new business models. Discussions with our clients therefore quickly lead to general questions on how to tap the potential of advanced mathematical methods:

- How do I integrate artificial intelligence into my existing processes?
- How do I navigate through the possibilities of artificial intelligence?
- Where do my competitors stand when it comes to artificial intelligence?
- How do I achieve employee acceptance of the artificial intelligence provided?
- What obstacles stand in my way when it comes to providing artificial intelligence?

From our point of view, these questions are important, but often asked too early or even thought too short. The media hype about artificial intelligence is contagious and shifts the focus to the coolness of new technologies. These concerns are driven by the view that artificial intelligence is an all-encompassing tool that you want to have ready for use as soon as possible. But what is to be created by the tool at all? For which projects is it needed? For fear of falling behind, one misses a profound strategic analysis of the desired added value based on one's own situation.

The democratization of artificial intelligence, i.e. the attainment of general accessibility, does not succeed overnight or in one fell swoop. In the role of a consultant, COSMO CONSULT protects its customers from a premature integration of new technologies. Changing Thinking Before Changing Things: We warn against simply imitating media trends and hyped ideas. Stupid copying of existing thoughts goes wrong, because one's own basic culture, the attitude of one's own employees or the orientation of one's own business environment deviate from the copy template. Purpose and value as well as convictions, relationships and emotions play a far more important role in achieving sustainable change. If you look deeply into your organization, you touch people on an intellectual, emotional and moral level and thus lay the foundation for future success. The following questions scratch the surface and only serve as a first approximation:

- What potential exists in my company?
- Which challenges do I want to address?
- Which assumptions determine my decisions?
- What skills and resources do I need for success?
- What can cause my company to fail?

Anyone who gets involved in a deep digression will quickly understand how artificial intelligence helps to decisively advance their own company. Because modern technologies are now part of an answer to existential questions, media trends are no longer viewed in isolation from one's own culture or employees, so a first step towards integration has been taken. In this way, new tools become generally accessible step by step, and answering the questions formulated at the beginning is a simple exercise.

In the democratization of artificial intelligence, COSMO CONSULT no longer sees itself as a classical solution consultant or product integrator, but much more as an experienced sparring partner who thinks deeply into his counterpart, creates creative space and activates performance. We would like to hear your opinion on this topic. What is your approach to artificial intelligence? What experiences have you already had? We look forward to exciting and challenging discussions.


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